Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oh boy, we are falling behind on this Mobile Express blog. Sorry!

I want to go back in time two weeks to August 29. Erin and I were in Warren, the county seat of Trumbull County in the northeastern corner of Ohio. Warren was hosting a back to school event and we were there to spread the word about free school lunches protecting parents from paying for any school fees. We were happy to get the word out and, as usual, the event was a success.

But I want to focus on a different aspect of Warren. A part of Warren that has nothing to do with poverty or public benefits. I want to focus on Warren's David Grohl Alley.

pictured: Russell (left) and sign

If you're not in the know, Dave Grohl is the former drummer for Nirvana, the current singer and guitarist for the Foo Fighters (who I don't like, but, whatever. Dave Grohl!). Grohl has also moonlighted as a drummer for the Queens of the Stone Age on of my all-time favorite albums. He also playes for Tenacious D, and has his own heavy metal project called Probot.

pictured: Probot, Erin's hand making the sign of the devil

I can't believe a city paid to have that painted on the street. Fantastic.

Grohl is now drumming for Them Crooked Vultures, a supergroup that includes John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. If you are playing with a member of Led Zeppelin, you have it made. Them Crooked Vultures is playing Columbus on October 6. I will be there.

When Erin and I created this blog, one of the things I wanted to write about was experiencing different parts of Ohio for the first time. I've only been in the state for a little over a year so I wanted to write about my first impressions of the different parts of the state. So imagine my surprise when I went to a mid-sized town three hours from Columbus and found a shrine to one of my favorite drummers. That's pretty neat.

So, thank you, Warren! I'll remember you always.

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  1. Isn't it great? I have family and friends in the Youngstown area since I went to school out there, and I was at the dedication event for Dave Grohl Alley this summer! He was extremely gracious and sang a few acoustic songs for the crowd, along with joining in on drums for a couple more. Enjoy the October concert! -- from Joree, an OBB CT serving in Akron OH