Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rumor: Van Out of Commision

It is true that we had a little blip with the van. We left the lights on overnight one day and came back to the van's battery out of juice. We arranged for a tow to a dealership and got it fixed lickety-split and were on the road again two days later.

We learned many things along the way:

The battery is not in the traditional location under the hood. We figured this out by reading our vehicle manual. You need to lift the flooring under the driver's feet to gain access to the battery case, use a funky screwdriver and remove the case cover to get to the terminals on the battery. Cables can be strung through the cabin on the passenger's side to provide the jump. We attempted this but we were unable to start the vehicle due to the key not being willing to turn--even though the battery should have had enough of a charge.

A guy named Kevin from Shamrock Towing came to our rescue. It was a challenge to tow the vehicle due to it's size and position in the lot but Kevin (having been on the job for 19 years) knew what to do. He did so with much finesse-- I was impressed.

At the dealership they found that a module was burned out contributing to the key not turning. With the battery charged and module part replaced we were able to take to the road again. Luckily the part and labor was covered under our vehicle warranty-- charge to us $0.

Yesterday, we took the van in for service to Farber Specialty Vehicles. We are getting a step to help those who have difficulty walking/stepping into the van, fixed a dome light, learned how the generator and battery powers the van along with several other little things. While there, I inquired about a warning signal for the lights being turned on. Farber called today to say a fuse was blown and that fuse controls both the dome light and the lights on signal. We are happy to say that we have a fully functional van now.

We were just appreciative that the van was in Central Ohio when all this happened. Watch out world--Erin and Russell have jumper cables and we are not afraid to use them!

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  1. You are going to be so mechanically savvy we won't know what to do wiht you all!