Thursday, May 28, 2009

Asian Festival

Last weekend, Erin and I were able to stay in Columbus for the Asian Festival in Franklin Park. The Asian Festival is one of Columbus's largest events as it regularly attracts over 100,000 people annually.

After doing some math, we realized it was very lucky that some of those 100,000+ may need some assistance so it was imperative that we have a presence at the event.

We were joined by our "star volunteer" Theresa Lee for the event as we hunkered down to let people know that help was available. Here we are on Sunday morning:

The event was as gigantic as advertised. The weather cooperated and gave us two unseasonably warm days (which is why I'm wearing a t-shirt). This was great for us since we had our awning out and our air conditioning on full blast. It was a little tougher in the food court where the temperature combined with the hundreds of hot stoves in a small area to create a wall of heat. I did not envy the food vendors.

I did, however, get to sample some new cuisines. I was non-plussed by the Laotian food. I found it a little too bland and they were using BBQ sauce that tasted like the American stuff I could buy at the store. The Indonesian food on the other hand...yum! Counter-intuitively, I love spicy food on a hot day and the Indonesian beef delivered.

When I wasn't stuffing my piehole (beefhole?) with food, Erin and I were hard at work performing quick checks on almost two dozen attendees who needed help with food and utilities. We spoke to dozens of people about our services and made sure people would keep us in mind if they knew of anyone in need.

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