Monday, May 18, 2009

Premium Parking

There are advantages to looking official. In Cleveland at the "Biggest Job Fair Ever", we approached the event at the Convention Center and realized that parking was very limited. Our vehicle is very tall and most parking garages cannot accommodate us. We looked around at street parking and everything was taken. They expected up to 10,000 people at this event so this was not surprising.

We decided to ask a parking official for advice and he suggested to turn into a driveway just up ahead. We looked at him suspiciously and asked if the parking could fit something our size and he said "They take semi trucks in there".

We approached the building gingerly (anticipating that we would be turned away any minute) and stopped at the guard booth. The guy asked, "Here for the job fair?". We said, "Yes" and he waved us in. To our amazement, we were ushered into the Convention Center directly. We parked next to city vehicles and had most of the place to ourselves. The picture above shows you our premium spot.

Walking down the hallway a bit we found ourselves right where we were going to set up.

The event was great for us. We spoke to over 450 people- sharing info about benefits and the VISTA Program. People were hungry for the information-- most expressing a willingness to be creative and bringing an attitude of, "anything that can help in this economy.......".

Russell and I were dog tired at the end of the day. Russell mentioned tired/sore feet and I experienced laryngitis. Can you believe I had no desire to talk that evening?--now that is something!

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