Monday, May 11, 2009

Eating Funnel Cake in South Lebanon

Last Saturday I took the OBB Mobile Express to South Lebanon with Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks Southeast Regional Coordinator Jessica May. (Man, that was a mouthful.) A big thank you to Jessica for taking time out of her Saturday to work with me. It was much appreciated.

The OBB Mobile Express made the trip down I-71 to South Lebanon to take part in a fair meant to raise money for an early learning center in the area. And they really went all out! Rides, games, and a blues cover band that was really, really good. But like with any fair, the star of the show was the funnel cake booth. I love funnel cake.

(Regional curiosity: Where I'm from, we don't have funnel cake. We only have "elephant ears." But we call the elephant ears "fried dough." More descriptive, less poetic. Equally delicious.)

With all that hubbub, I was nervous that our services would be drowned out by all the noise and commotion. We were able to speak to a few of the attendees, including one woman who was staying in a homeless shelter.

It was an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by a festive atmosphere and to see hundreds of people gathering together for a good cause. We definitely need to get more fairs on our schedule!

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