Friday, April 29, 2011

Vials of Life

Erin and I recently made a trip to Highland District Hospital in Hillsboro. Not only was this a new county for us, but the hospital was a brand new Benefit Bank site. We were happy to welcome the hospital into the OBB fold!

They were having a huge health fair offering discounted fees for blood work and other tests. Basically a health sale. And with almost a thousand people showing up, we needed to be there to spread the word about the OBB. That's a lot of word spreading.

But I ended up spending a lot of time talking about something other than the Ohio Benefit Bank. We were next to a Red Cross table and they were handing out vials of life. These vials are a good idea! Basically, you write down all of your allergies, medications, and health risks on a piece of paper, roll it into a vial, and put the vial in the fridge (presumably next to the baking soda). Then put a Vial of Life sticker on the fridge and paramedics won't give you medicine that will, uh, kill you.
that's a big cross to bear

So, great idea, right? But when I say "they were handing out" vials of life, please don't take me literally. No one was at the table. There were just hundreds of tubes on a table without explanation. So when someone in the know explained the program to me, I took to explaining it to the hospital's patients.

So now can I legitimately refer to myself as a volunteer for the Red Cross? Because that's a good way to introduce myself to people.

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