Friday, January 15, 2010

The Van Done Got Frozen

As you know from religiously reading this blog, the Mobile Express has been in park since December 22. Second Harvest employees has Christmas and New Years off and our trip on January 7th got canceled due to inclement weather. So, I was ready to be back on the road on January 13 for a trip to North Central Correctional in Marion. This wasn't our first trip to these facilities, so we knew the rules. No money, no cell phones, and, alas, no weapons or drugs.

We were especially excited for this trip because we were going to have a special guest. Melissa Lindsay, an attorney with the Ohio Poverty Law Center was going to watch us talk about the Benefit Bank and tell soon to be released inmates that her organization could help with any problems obtaining the benefits they were entitled to.

So I had everything ready to go. Everything except the van. The Mobile Express, with its weeks of inactivity, turned into a vancicle. According to the dash, the van's battery froze out sometime on January 10.


Thankfully the van has something called a "battery booster" and after half an hour of blasting the defrost and wiping ice off of our wiper blades, we were ready to go. We spoke to over 50 inmates and hopefully helped one of the neediest demographics in Ohio.

So, yeah. The van is back.

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