Monday, April 22, 2013

A Helping Hand

As part of its initiative to better serve Ohioans in need The Ohio Benefit Bank™ Mobile Express is currently studying the best ways to reach out to some of our most underserved populations, with a special focus on Ohio’s seniors, veterans, and people living with disabilities.  One of the ways we are hoping to learn more about these particular groups is through a state wide survey that, in order to promote accessibility, will be conducted through email, phone, mail, and direct participation.

We need your help to be successful! 

Do you or your organization have any contact with seniors, veterans, or people living with disabilities, especially those that are well connected to others in their own communities?    Would you be willing to help us enroll them in a study that will help you better connect to underserved populations in your area?  If so, please contact Tyler Davis at (614) 915-2038 or through email at for more information regarding this project!

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