Monday, June 4, 2012

Portsmouth with Potter's House

The Mobile Express team was invited to set up shop in downtown Portsmouth to conduct a tax clinic. The invitation was extended by Potter's House Ministries, which is one of the highest performing OBB tax sites in Ohio. They are serious about helping people complete their taxes for free.

We were joined by Linda Davis (pictured) and Ed Myers, two AmeriCorps members serving at Potter's House who have joined us for several events this season.

We actually crossed over this bridge and traveled into Kentucky to get to Portsmouth which is along the Ohio River. It's a beautiful part of the state.

Cross this bridge and you are in Kentucky!
Russell and I both got treats while in Portsmouth--myself with Shepherd's Pie from the local Irish pub and Russell with a memory of his childhood home, Cape Cod. He says that you can smell these potato chips for miles around when you visit the cape:

Russell says:

"So here I am: Cape Codder Ohioan. And Erin and I are on the Ohio-Kentucky border on Tax Day, April 17. We're parked in downtown Portsmouth, a stone's throw from The Bluegrass State, and about 844 miles from the Cape Cod Canal. Guess what was parked one block over?

I know this is a national brand, but after living on the Cape for 18 years, I have never seen a truck like this. Is it following me? Did my Mom pay someone to keep an eye on me? What is happening here?!

If you're wondering, the OBB Mobile Express is still the number one vehicle on six wheels. All the deep-fried potatoes in the world can't sway me."

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