Friday, March 11, 2011

VAN Wert

I make that VAN Wert joke literally every time I am in Western Ohio with the Mobile Express. No exceptions.

I mention Van Wert because we had another successful clinic there and the Northwest Regional Coordinator, Gayle Loyola, was nice enough to take a picture of four of the counselors (myself included).

Me, Erin, Lima VISTA Mary, Toledo VISTA Kylee

Uh, guys? What I am going to do about my hair? This is unacceptable. I look like Win Butler.

So it's still tax season and we remain busy, busy, busy. Last year, it was considered a great event if Erin and I had four clients each. This year, that's just par for the course. Even in underpopulated areas like Monroe County, our hands are full.

We're noticing that we're getting more and more sophisticated tax documents. The aforementioned Ms. Loyola told me that back in the day, tax forms didn't get much more complicated than multiple W-2s. Now we're seeing more and more interest, pensions, dividends, and other miscellaneous forms of income. We're reaching a wider swath of Ohio taxpayers and I couldn't be prouder.

Hypothesis: Since we're getting more and more people who aren't getting huge refunds, we are going to see more and more people who need to get their taxes done in late-March and April. We'll be ready.

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