Monday, June 14, 2010


That's ah-GAH-pay. But why deal with pronunciations when we can just call them "awesome."

Agape Distribution is a food pantry in Sidney, the county seat of Shelby County. They have a mobile food pantry that goes out to the smaller communities in the county and where there's a mobile food pantry there's a chance that we are with them to help spread the word about the Ohio Benefit Bank.

So off we went on a rainy Saturday morning to the small towns of Botkins and Anna. And we had a surprise guest! Our boss, Nora Nees, was in town and she came buy to help us talk to Agape's clients.

Twenty-two families went through the mobile pantry and we spoke to every last one of 'em.

What really separated Agape from the pack in my mind were their volunteers. I have never had an easier time talking to a group of people. They truly cared about what they were doing and their dedication was obvious and praiseworthy. With volunteers like that, Agape is in some great hands.

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