Thursday, July 16, 2009

Project L.O.V.E.

Formed in 1993, Project L.O.V.E. (Love Our Kids...Vaccinate Early) has been working towards immunizing Columbus's children.

From their website:

When Project L.O.V.E. began, local immunization rates were estimated to be at 40 percent and have since improved to 86.4 percent. Franklin County was recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in March 2006 for having the highest urban immunization rate in the country.

That's pretty impressive.

Erin and I were honored to take the Mobile Express to a Project L.O.V.E. event in the King-Lincoln Bronzeville neighborhood of Columbus. We figured our target audience would be young mothers and lower income families. And we saw plenty of that demographic. But because the event was centrally located in a public square, we got a little bit of everyone.

I helped one person fill out an application for a Golden Buckeye card. Unfortunately, I've been seeing this a lot. There appear to be lots of Ohioans who are over 60 or are disabled who don't have this valuable discount card (which also includes a prescription discount plan).

If anyone you know is over 60 or disabled and isn't getting $0.39 sodas at McDonald's, please apply for your Golden Buckeye card immediately! There are no income requirements. Just age and/or disability. The list of businesses who offer Golden Buckeye discounts is truly massive and we want to make sure people are taking advantage of it.

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