Thursday, December 8, 2011

Need for Emergency HEAP Heating Up

One of the resounding themes as we travel around Ohio this season is the very real need for energy assistance.  Whether in Mansfield or Gallipolis, Van Wert or Columbus, people are expressing angst about either getting their utilities turned back on and/or trying to avoid disconnection. It is amazing how many people are without heat in their homes in the middle of December. 

As people approach the Mobile Express inquiring about how to problem-solve, we counsel them to go to their local Community Action Agency.  At the Community Action Agency, they can get financial assistance as well as advocacy help to get their utilities turned back on. 

Trying to stay warm
Mobile Enrollment Specialists with The Ohio Benefit Bank software can help with the non-emergency HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) application which gives an energy refund to  income eligible residents.  During these tight times, with limited resources, every little bit helps.

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