Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fresh Veggies in Malta

View from the van in beautiful Malta, Ohio.  Pictured here is
an old timey river boat.

Here is Elizabeth Grieser.  She is the SE community organizer with OASHF. 
She, with Russell and I talked to people in cars as they were lined up
for the food distribution. 
Over 300 people waited for fresh produce and came from near and far. 
It was fun to walk and talk, hand out brochures and find out about the local history. 

One of the volunteers suggested that we flyer the bags that were being given out. 
There is no way folks left without knowing about the
Ohio Benefit Bank and all we have to offer.

We talked so much and so fast that it is a wonder that we had voices left.  The event was aided by the local National Guard and OSU Extension was present as well with tips of how to can veggies.  Overall, it was a very pleasant event.

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