Monday, May 23, 2011

Thinking on our Feet

Erin and I drove to Cuyahoga County on a Friday for a food distribution. We get there early. Always a good idea to get to a food distribution early. People wait in line for hours. Early is the time to talk to them.

So we show up and a VISTA, the wonderfully helpful Bridget, from the Cleveland Foodbank is there to assist.

One problem: We are the only three people in the parking lot. The date got mixed up.

So we go into overdrive. I'm calling the Cleveland Foodbank and our North Coast Regional Coordinator. Erin and Bridget are calling Benefit Bank sites and food pantries nearby.

Erin and Bridget hit paydirt. There was a food distribution in Cleveland proper being held from 12-4. We showed up in the Mobile Express with no warning whatsoever and had our fingers crossed that they wouldn't mind.

They didn't mind at all. They were pleasantly surprised. They let us park in their lot.

And with no warning, no advertising, no notice, we came through with a successful event.

Out of the 60 people we spoke to, most were already on SNAP. But that still left a whole lot voter registrations, Golden Buckeye cards, senior employment, and Medicare Premium Assistance applications. Within only an hour our day went from potential disaster to definite success.

That felt awesome. High fives all around.

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