Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mustard Factory

Danielle Gray and I got the grand tour of the Woeber Mustard Factory! We were invited to come and talk with employees to help them know if they were eligible for benefits. In addition we informed them that they may use the OBB to complete their taxes.

The tour was fascinating. Below are some pictures that gives an idea of the experience:

Here are vats of mustard--Woeber is known for specialty mustards and mayonnaise. The original recipes were from 1905. The company has been family owned through 3 generations.

Woeber packages many condiments in many different containers. Each container requires a different machine which is tailored to certain specifications for filling, labeling and sealing. This one is designed for packaging vinegar.

There is a room dedicated to mixing of mustard. As we walked in this room our eyes began to water. The spices and mustard seeds were so strong that we needed to leave quickly.

Here we are meeting with Rick Woeber, Vince Chase (United Way volunteer and past food bank president) and our very own Danielle--all donning our hairnets. It was fascinating to learn about the equipment needed to process and package mustard.

Mountains of horseradish. There was a whole room dedicated to the grinding of this root.
After we visited the mustard factory we went to Dole Foods for an employee health fair. All in all, it was a fun and interesting day.

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