Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello From Montgomery County

Dayton Urban Ministries has invited us to their fine city to help people looking for foreclosure help apply for different benefits. I'm writing this on my lunch break and already the event has been a smashing success. We've already helped clients apply for an array of benefits including food assistance, cash assistance, and even senior employment.

A lot of the credit needs to go to Dayton Urban Ministries. We're working with two of their Americorps State members - Iris Gordon and Robin McElrath - who are also trained Benefit Bank counselors. They've been extremely welcoming and helpful.

We were also paid a visit by Jessica Janowiak from Solutions for Progress. "Solutions for Progress?" you ask. Yes, Solutions for Progress. They're the developers of the Ohio Benefit Bank software. This makes them a big deal. Ms. Janowiak was watching us use the software and looking to make it more user friendly. It's a testament to Jessica's company that I've been on the Mobile Express since April and there have been several changes in that time to make the Benefit Bank system faster, smoother, and easier for clients to obtain the benefits they're eligible for. To have one of their employees over my shoulder knowing that it could help people across the country was truly an honor.


  1. Russell,
    Thanks for letting me observe the sessions with your clients! Those sessions are hopefully going to be instrumental in making the OBB software even easier to use.

  2. Russell and Erin: I appreciate reading your blog -- keep it up! Emily Savors